Magdalena Kunert-Bajraszewska

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We present new more sensitive high-resolution radio observations of a compact BAL quasar, 1045+352, made with the EVN+MERLIN at 5 GHz. They allowed us to trace the connection between the arcsecond structure and the radio core of the quasar. The radio morphology of 1045+352 is dominated by a knotty jet showing several bends (Fig.1). We discuss possible scenarios explaining such complex morphology: galaxy merger, accretion disc instability, precession of the jet and jet-cloud interactions. It is possible that we are whitnessing in this source an ongoing jet precession due to internal instabilities within the jet flow, however, a dense environment detected in the submillimeter band and an outflowing material suggested by the X-ray absorption can strongly interact with the jet. It is difficult to establish the orientation between the jet axis and the observer in 1045+352 because of the complex structure. Nevertheless taking into account the most recent inner radio structure we conclude the radio jet is oriented close to the line of sight which can mean that the opening angle of the accretion disc wind can be large in this source. We also suggest that there is no direct correlation between jet-observer orientation and a possibility of observing BALs.

1045+352 is a CSS object and a HiBAL quasar at a medium redshift. Its linear size (~4 kpc) indcate it is a young object in the early phase of quasar evolution. The radio morphology of 1045+352 is dominated by the strong radio jet resolved into many sub-components and changing the orientation during propagation in the central regions of the host galaxy. As a consequence we observe at least three phases of jet activity indicate different directions of the jet outflow: components A2-A3 as the oldest one, structure A1-B as the younger one, and the jet A as the current activity direction (Fig.1).

The above results have been published in Kunert-Bajraszewska et al.(2009), ApJ, 705, 1356 and Kunert-Bajraszewska et al.(2010), ApJ, 718, 1345

Fig.1: Radio images of 1045+352 at 5 GHz made with (from left): MERLIN, EVN+MERLIN, EVN. Contours increase by a factor 2 and the first contour level corresponds to ~3 sigma. Indications: C - radio core, A-A3 - radio jet, B - probable counter-jet.