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Phenomena to Study (U.S.A.)
Phenomena to Study (Poland)

Quintivium: The Integration of Inquiry

The Homeschooling Homepage is from Jerome Graham, a successful homeschooler, mountaineer and resident of Adwaitha Hermitage (Weblog). It is the first homeschooling homepage on the World Wide Web, dating from November 1994. Jerome said, "I will make a place where the eagles can flourish."

The Homeschooling Homepage employs Quintivium: The Integration of Inquiry. (Also here). Quintivium is a re-acquisition of archetypal Indo-European structure through a study of phenomena, through empirical study, both direct and mediated experience.

The Homeschooling Homepage is mirrored by David R. Graham at Adwaitha Hermitage , Snoqualmie , Washington , U.S.A.

The Homeschooling Homepage is an implementation of Sri Sathya Sai Baba RishiKul. A RishiKul is instruction sustained by a rishi, a sage.

Adwaitha Hermitage is a Residence of Sanathana Dharma. David and Mary Graham are founding Residents of Adwaitha Hermitage.

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Phenomena to Study (U.S.A.)
Phenomena to Study (Poland)
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