Toruń (Tr) Station Report

(TOG, Onsala, July 1st 2005)

Brief Report of Last EVN Sessions

All projects of February/March and June 2005 that requested 8 BBCs were affected by unlocked state of BBC #3 (meaning no useful data from this device). Responsible is the rack, and not this particular BBC unit.
Between the sessions Tr participated in a number of ad hoc ftp/udp and eVLBI experiments organized by the JIVE.

Changes/Upgrades Made to Hardware/Software

Most recent FS version (9.7.7) has been used in both the sessions. Mark5A version used during the sessions was 2005y068d14h; now installed is the version 2005y147d11h, which is the most recent one.
In the June session Tr used a Rubidium frequency standard since the H-maser has been sent for refurbishment to the manufacturer (in Switzerland). Now the maser is back at the station. Its measured stability (in terms of Allan variance) as specified by the manufacturer is e.g. 2.8×10-14 for τ = 10 s, and 2.4×10-15 for τ = 1000 s. New batteries with the capacity of 110 Ah are claimed to allow for about 25 hours of continuous powering of the maser.

BBC linearity

The measurements presented graphically below were performed with the C-band receiver as the source of noise. This signal at the input to BBCs has been attenuated gradually with step of 1 dB. The BBC bandwidths, frequencies and attenuation were kept constant during the measurements according to the following table (standard FS format):
bbc02/624.00,c,16,16,1,man, -9.32, -8.93
bbc03/640.00,a,16,16,1,man,  8.34,  1.45
bbc04/656.00,c,16,16,1,man, -9.72, -8.21
bbc06/688.00,c,16,16,1,man, -7.22, -6.62
bbc08/720.00,c,16,16,1,man, -7.86, -7.86

Kaz Borkowski, Greg Hrynek