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Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet

Welcome to AstroWeb - a collection of pointers to astronomy-related information available on the Internet. The database is maintained by the AstroWeb Consortium, a collaboration involving 9 individuals at 7 institutions. In addition to classified lists of resource records, the Consortium also provides a utility to
search the AstroWeb database: (WAIS search help)
Most of the URLs in the database are tested three times a day to verify aliveness (see "AstroWeb Dead URLs" and "AstroWeb Unreliable URLs"). The Consortium will be pleased to accept contributions of new resource records. You can use HTML forms to This NRAO version of AstroWeb is recomputed at about 09:10 UTC each day, if the master database has been changed. Neither the individuals involved in the AstroWeb Consortium, nor their affiliated institutions, accept any responsibility for the contents or availability of information located at other Internet sites. 1/27/2003 2:57:25 PM
The AstroWeb master database currently contains 3084 distinct resource records:

Observing resources
Astronomical survey projects87
Telescope observing schedules27
Metereological information15

Data Resources
Data and Archive Centers139
Astronomy Information Systems36

Publication-related Resources
Astronomy preprints & abstracts46
Abstracts of Astronomical Publications26
Full-texts of Astronomical Publications94
Astronomical Bibliographical Services29
Astronomy-related Libraries52
Other library resources15

People-related Resources
Personal Web pages707
Conferences and Meetings45
Newsgroups (astronomy-related)37
Mailing Lists (astronomy-related)18
Educational resources347

Astronomy Departments582
Astronomical Societies263
Space Agencies56

Software Resources
Astronomy software servers156
Document Preparation Tools (TeX,etc)6

Research areas of Astronomy
Radio Astronomy156
Optical Astronomy282
High-Energy Astronomy107
Space Astronomy192
Solar Astronomy93
Planetary Astronomy83
History of Astronomy29

Lists of Astronomy Resources
Primary Lists of Astronomy Resources12
Other lists of astronomy resources60

Astronomical Imagery
"Pretty Pictures"121

Miscellaneous Resources
Overviews & notes for protocols8
Miscellaneous Resources126
Physics-related resources104
Computer Science-related resources26

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