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White-light coronameter images from the High Altitude Observatory Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (Hawaii)

 [Carlos/Espenak eclipse
Regular observations of the Sun at 127 MHz started at TRAO (then a section in the Astronomical Observatory) in 1958 with a single dish, 12 m in diameter. Later, since 1960, an interferometer of 23 m long baseline was used for the purpose. The main objective of this patrol is to measure the intensity of the continuum radio emission. 1991 Close-Up

However some distinctive events (bursts of radiation) produced by the active Sun are also measured. This frequency (127 MHz) is one of the lowest systematically reported, and now the collected data constitute certainly the longest series at such a low frequency.


09.04.2001 Solar eruption
07.04.1997 Solar eruption
08.02.2000 Solar eruption
26.04.2000 Daily Flux at 127 MHz: 1958 - 1998

The Sun observations at 127 MHz :

Solar flux at 127 MHzSolar activity at 127 MHz

2006     2005     2004     2003     2002     2001    
2000     1999     1998     1997     1996    


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Solar radio emision at 127 MHz

Noise Storm

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